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Peter Durfee先生

The Tools to Find Your Own Answers

People who want to be translators need a few skills: deep understanding of the source text, solid writing ability in the target text, and above all, the creative flexibility that lets them tackle different texts in different ways.

There isn't just one correct answer to every translation question. At Simul Academy we don't give you the answers: we help you develop the tools you need to find your own. The professional translators who teach our classes offer advice on multiple ways to approach a translation task and share their experiences in exploring those various ways for real-world clients. It's a great way to learn if you aim to one day be the sort of translator who can please those clients with your own work.

The reading, writing, and translation work we do today will give you the skills you need as a professional translator tomorrow.


■ 翻訳者への道(2020年8月)

■ 通訳者・翻訳者への道「通訳と翻訳の魅力」(2015年2月)

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Peter Durfee

産業翻訳・日英 講師